lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

Revision of concepts Unit 1

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Connectivism: The Networked Student

The following video shows us an interesting experience that a Psychology student can have when studying autonomously about the American psyche. He builds his own learning community by using online tools such as Google Scholar, a wiki, checking other students' blogs and creating his own, and some others. This student can successfully complete his networked learning experience with the guidance of his teacher, who follows a Connectivist approach to guiding his student's research and work. Watch it, it's very interesting!

As a practical application of Connectivism in an ELT setting, students can be guided into how to create their own network for practicing the language in context. Tools such as Ning or could be used for this purpose. He can share written texts and work on them collaboratively with other people thanks to tools such as GoogleDocs. and can be used as a way for him to share and comment on videos where he practices the language. Also, the student can keep track of all his work on an online portfolio or blog. These are just some ideas for the practical application of Connectivism in relation to ELT settings, but there are hundreds of more tools to explore!